Ultrasound 2003
27th / 28th / 29th November 2003 / Huddersfield / UK


Thurs 27 Nov / The Media Centre / Live / 7pm - 12pm / FREE /
Ukiyo-e DJs: Arc Sound / Ed1 / Plank /

Fri 28 Nov / The Media Centre / Live / 7pm - 1am / FREE /
Ólöf Arnalds / Darri + Thorunn / Hilmar Jensson / @c + Lia + Vitor Joachim / Stilluppsteypa / Nullpointer / Kitchen Motors Band /

Sat 29 Nov / Huddersfield Art Gallery / Performance / 7pm - 8pm / Free /

Messa di Voce / Golan Levin / Zach Lieberman / Jaap Blonk / Joan La Barbara /

Sat 29 Nov / Live / 7pm - late / The Media Centre /
ap / Kippi Kaninus / Vindva Mei / Johann Johannsson / Sumeru / Mugison /

+ Please note that the running order is subject to change. Correct when uploaded [17.11.03].

+ More announcements coming soon!


Adriana Sá

Icelandic partition

Ultrasound is a new three day international festival exploring the territory of experimental sound and electronic music.

Ultrasound 2003 presents a diverse programme including live performance, conference, showcase, workshop and DJ night. The dates of this year's festival are: 27 / 28 / 29 November.

We are pleased to announce the 'Icelandic Partition' of the festival, a survey of the Icelandic contemporary music scene, co-programmed by Thor Magnusson, of the ixi-software project.

Featuring eight acts from Iceland supported by others from the US, UK, Austria and Portugal Ultrasound 2003 promises to build on and extend the successes of last year.

All the live performances will take place at The Media Centre, Huddersfield except 'Messa di Voce' by Golan Levin which will take place at Huddersfield Art Gallery.

'Messa di Voce' will visit two venues in the UK [ICA, London and Ultrasound] during November 2003, please visit the Tour Website:


The Conference will be hosted by the University of Huddersfield.

386DX [Alexei Shulgin] playing at Ultrasound 2002. View more images from last year's festival here.

Ultrasound is programmed and produced by the Digital Research Unit, a creative intitiative of The Media Centre, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England.

Confirmed so far:
Golan Levin with Zach Lieberman, Jaap Blonk + Joan La Barbara [US / Holland] / Stilluppsteypa [Iceland] / Vindva Mei [Iceland] / Adriana Sá [Portugal] / Kitchen Motors Band [Iceland] / Johann Johannson [Iceland] / Kippi Kaninus [Iceland] / @c+Lia+Vitor Joaquim [Portugal / Austria] / Hilmar Jensson [Iceland] / Ólöf Arnalds [Iceland] / ap [UK] / Nullpointer [UK] / Darri + Thorunn [Iceland] / Mugison [Iceland] / Sumeru [UK] / Ukiyo-e [DJ's, UK] / rand()% [UK] /

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